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Cover Plan

We require you as the hirer to ensure you are covered at all times if the machine is stolen or severely damaged therefore we highly recommend that you have some form of hired in plant insurance, however if you have not got any insurance we can offer a damage protection scheme, this will not cover you if the machine is stolen but will help you the machine is accidentally damaged. Please be aware it is still your responsibility if anything happens to the machine.

Please note that if you are unable to supply us with an Hired in plant cover note you will automatically be put on to our 20% Cover Plan.



Just 20% onto the hire cost.

What’s Included In The Cover:

If the damage is deemed to be not negligent then accidental damage costs are waived, protection against malicious damage and vandalism costs.

What’s Not Included In The Cover:

  • The first £1000 of any claim, except for accidental damage

  • Malicious Damage or vandalism during non-working hours, if the equipment is not stored securely and locked away when not in use

  • Paint overspray

  • Damage caused by failure to maintain Lubricant and coolant levels

  • Damage caused by failing to maintain the batteries

  • Damage Caused by failing to maintain the tyre pressure correctly

  • Damage to filters and fuel lines due to the use of contaminated fuel

  • Damage resulting from over loading or mis-use

  • Damage by fire when hot work is being undertaken

  • Damage to third party property or persons

  • Damage Caused by Chemicals

  • Damage while on unauthorised hire or loan to another party

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