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Yes! We recommend that the person who will be operating the machine is trained to correct standard there are various type of training we can offer, please speak to the hire desk for more details.

Yes! Under CPA Terms and conditions it states that it is the hirers responsibility to ensure that they are fully covered when Hiring the machine. If you are unsure what type of insurance, speak to our hire desk and ask about more information on “Hired In Plant Insurance”

Yes! But….. It is only recommended that you use an harness in all boom type machines only.

It becomes the hirers responsibility to ensure that daily checks are performed on the machines. These are: Water and Oil Levels, Tyre Pressures, Wheel Nuts, Safety Systems, Damage and Function Check. For more of a detailed look at the daily checks please speak to the hire desk or consult the operators manual located in the black document box of the machine.

This is a certificate to show that the machine has been tested and meets all of the required standards. These Certificates are located in the black document boxes on all of our machines.

Working Height = the height in which your hands can reach too to carry out your job. This is normally based on 2 meters from your platform Height ie: if you platform height is 10m then you’re working height will be 12m.

Platform Height = This is the height your feet stand at in the scissor lift or boom lift.

Only our electric range have standard non marking tyres. However we can offer tyre covers to fit the diesel range if your job requires specific non marking tyres.

This is when the machine is at its fully lowered position, However all of our scissors lifts have fold down handrails so if you do have a height restriction then we will almost certainly have a machine for the job.

If you have a diesel machine then you will be charged for the diesel you use at the end of the contract. If you fill the machine back up then there will be no charge. You will also be charged if the machine comes back damaged or if the machine comes back dirty.

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